Make 2022 the Year you Activate your Story

New Year Shenanigans

Holidays are typically when I prioritize family time (offline) over your cheery, syrupy happy-new-month texts. It’s about this time that you gloss over Happy New Year messages chiming in from the e-commerce site you visited just last week – in error. Nothing changes this year, right? Wrong.

A few things do change, however. Your view of time and the events that take place in this space. You’re going to compare your bills this year with last year’s and say, “I want to read 20 books this year,” or “Oil price will fall by 2 points compared to last year’s 3-point average.”

The Science Behind New year Resolutions

Mind, I wasn’t kidding about the book reading goals. Change is not only important but also factual. Here is what science says about resolving to make a change: resolution-makers are more than 10 times as successful in changing their behaviour than people who want to change but do not make formal resolutions.

I must make a disclaimer here: I do not make formal resolutions. I have a few goals for personal development that I keep close to my chest. If you have other aspirations other than spending less only on cheap coffee, I would like to suggest 10 resolutions you can secretly make to yourself this year for professional and personal growth:

10 New Year Resolutions

  1. Read more books. One book every month to start with.
  2. Take one online course this year
  3. Make walking your new tool for managing stress
  4. Take up journaling. Start out by making notes on things you’re grateful for.
  5. Make your bed every morning when you wake up
  6. Make an act of kindness without posting it online
  7. Write your wife a love letter or email.
  8. Sleep more.
  9. Pick up a craft. I’m learning hand lettering – I realized that it helps free up creative ideas.
  10. Stay alive.

What is Most Important

I think the last one there is paramount. However, I like to make a distinction between staying alive and merely existing. It’s important to keep on the move. So, if you’re going to be making any resolution in that regard, endeavour to make 2022 the year you activate your story.

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