Alternatives to Making your Logo Bigger!

Every business aims to meet any of the following marketing objectives: To stand out in the crowd, to remain memorable to your target audience, or drive sales.

However, instead of insisting your logo is bigger on every application, here are 5 alternatives to ensure you are more easily recognizable and remembered:

  1. Contrast/Whitespace: When you feel the tug at the bottom of your belly that something is off about a logo presentation, it might be that it is not sufficiently contrasted from its background. Choose a palette of brand colours that allow your brand to adapt to any and a broad range of backgrounds.
  2. Hierarchy: There is an order in which elements of your brand should be presented. Consider which elements you think should be prioritized or deprioritized in a visual presentation whether on a flyer or even a PowerPoint presentation.
  3. Activate your Brand: A new logo may not fix a leaking funnel. Instead of spending valuable time and resources debating the size of a logo on a billboard, consider the big picture – what actions do you have planned to meet your business objectives?
  4. Repeat/Reinforce: After you’ve lined up a string of activities and campaigns, remember this insight about consumer behaviour: you need to repeat your message more than a dozen times before you get an action or be remembered. Focus on how often your value proposition and the linked call to action are mentioned through your campaign plan. Suddenly, with this insight, a logo that is 6cm shorter in scale becomes a lesser concern.
  5. Focus on Storytelling: So maybe you’re not Amazon. You own a small- or medium-sized enterprise and need this flyer design to announce a new product on your e-commerce website. A bigger logo will not sell the product but a compelling story. By considering how that flyer presentation sells a solution to your prospect or target market is more beneficial to meeting your objective.
Image Courtesy: Instagram, @marketoonist

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